Access your account from home, anytime!

The United Federal Credit Union’s Home Banking service lets you conduct a variety of transactions on your credit union accounts anytime day or night, right over the Internet. Needless to say, this will make handling your financial affairs much more convenient. With Home Banking you will be able to…

Check your account balances Make a payment on a loan

Transfer funds between accounts See if a check has cleared

Draw from your line of credit Eliminate paper statements

✔ Reconcile your account Download your transactions

Request a check

Bill Pay Online

Go Green – Receive and pay your bills electronically so you won’t have to worry about bills and payments being lost in the mail.

Be more secure with electronic bill payments

Receive and pay electronic bills (e-Bills)

Schedule one-time or recurring payments  with payment rules

Track payments through US Postal System

Saves time and money!  Avoid costly expenses for ordering checks, purchasing envelopes & buying stamps

Low cost alternative to writing and mailing checks


Secure Login

United’s Secure Login is a process that identifies you as the true owner of your online account. Not only will you be recognized by your password, your computer will be recognized as well. If you need to login from a location other than your primary computer, one that our secure server doesn’t recognize, you will be prompted to provide information that only you will know.