A recent notification from credit unions indicated members and nonmembers are being targeted with the automated phone call scam. Victims receive automated calls (robo-calls), which play recorded messages claiming to be from a credit union (or bank), requesting verification of financial information (e.g., account number, card number, or PIN). We at The United Federal Credit Union do not call members with recorded messages requesting personal or financial information.

Alert Details

A credit union recently reported receiving hundreds of calls from members and nonmembers saying they received a phone call on their landline or cell phone with an automated message indicating their account may be locked or closed, or their card numbers were compromised. The victims are asked to enter their credit or debit card number.

In circumstances of vishing (voice phishing) members should never respond to these calls by providing the requested personal or financial information – no matter how urgent the message may seem.

Risk Mitigation Tips

Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of these scams:

  • Never respond to any telephone call requesting personal or financial information.
  • Please take caution when visiting social network sites and sharing personal information.
  • If you receive this type of call report it to the following:
  • Credit Union;
  • Federal Trade Commission (1-877-382-4357);
  • State attorney General;
  • Local law enforcement; and
  • Your phone carrier, landline or cell phone provider.

If you inadvertently respond to such a call by providing account or card information, please notify us immediately (304.598.5010) to close or block the accounts affected to prevent fraudulent transactions.